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Why is tea/warm beverages an important part of Dinacharya?

Why is tea/warm beverages an important part of Dinacharya?

Better Absorption 

Any liquid has smaller particles and therefore a larger surface area for absorption. The same goes for the teas. 

Besides, teas have one more benefit - they are cooked. Heating or boiling the tea helps to release a lot of bioactive compounds present in the herbal teas and brings out their best benefits. 

This is the reason why Ayurvedic teas have a far better absorption rate. They are able to produce instant results in case of mucus related problems like troubled breathing, cough, congestion etc.  

Helps to bring warmth 

Warmth is the very sign of life in our bodies. Ayurvedic teas help to maintain the body temperature by bringing warmth to the body, esp. In the cold climate. This is the reason why, teas have always been an integral part of cultures like the chinese and the japanese. 

Enhances Circulation 

The warmth of Ayurvedic teas help to dilate the blood vessels and boost the blood circulation. This enhanced blood circulation ensures better nutrition supply all over the body. This benefit is the reason why Ayurvedic teas are beneficial both in hot and cold weather conditions.

As the warm Ayurvedic tea accelerates the circulation, this blood racing through the blood vessels helps to remove the toxins from the body. It also helps to unclog the vital channels and purify the body in the process. 

This enhanced circulation also increases the rate of liver and kidney function. Thus, the warm ayurvedic teas ensure that your liver and kidneys work faster to eliminate pathogens, toxins and waste water from the body.   

Beneficial for Vata and Kapha

Both vata and kapha dosha are naturally cold and produce coolness in the body. Besides, vata dosha is the most powerful metabolic pattern in the body. 

As warmth is an opposing property to the coolness of vata and kapha dosha, warm Ayurvedic teas help to balance both the vata and kapha dosha at the same time. 

Vata imbalance in the body leads to pain. This is the reason why, warm Ayurvedic teas work particularly well in all pain related disorders as they help to control the nervous irritation caused by excess vata. For example, Ayurvedic teas have a great pain relieving effect in sinusitis, headache or cough. 

At the same time, warmth of the Ayurvedic tea helps balance the kapha dosha as it unclogs and drains the excess mucus blocking the vital channels. 

There are multiple other benefits of Ayurvedic teas apart from the ones listed above. However, these are some of the important reasons why Ayurveda tea or any warm beverages are an integral part of dinacharya.  


The above information was written by Dr. Kanika Verma for the exclusive use of Mum's Mill. The information is protected by copyright and may not be reprinted without the written permission of Dr. Kanika Verma and Mum's Mill