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A Kapha-Balancing Lifestyle

A Kapha-Balancing Lifestyle

  • Wake up before sunrise. Sleeping late in the morning may lead to excess Kapha and result in sluggishness and confusion.
  • Exercise regularly to calm Kapha. This is one of the best ways to balance all Kapha attributes. A challenging workout should be fun and inspiring for Kapha.
  • Strength building yoga exercises like Half-Moon pose, Warrior Pose, Triangle Pos,etc are good for Kapha balance.
  • Yoga breathing exercises (pranayama) are a powerful subtle therapy for Kapha dosha. With a relaxing effect, Kapalabhati (or Skull Shining Breath) strengthens the core and tones digestive organs. Practicing pranayama for ten to fifteen minutes every day can dramatically enhance one's mood and health.
  • Regular oil massage or Ayurvedic powder massage is excellent for the Kapha dosha. It helps to stimulate the slow Kapha circulation.
  • Ideally, Kapha people should have small meals 3-4 times instead of three large meals. Also, they should eat only when hungry.
  • Fasting is a great health practice for Kapha people as it aids the sluggish Kapha digestion and creates lightness in the body.
  • Daytime sleep is a big no for the Kapha people. It creates heaviness, indigestion, bloating, and mental fogginess. If you want to sleep during the daytime, try sleeping in a sitting or semi-sitting position than lying down.
  • Avoid sleeping for long hours. Kapha people normally have excellent deep sleep and can do it for 8 hours or less.
  • Novelty balances the dullness of Kapha dosha. Hence, getting rid of ruts and lifeless behaviors is also beneficial. Try to be more impulsive, light-hearted, and creative.

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