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Let mother nature take charge of your precious little ones!

Sishu Paricharya - Naturz Ayurvedic Baby Care Ritual Kit

Bring the love of mother nature to your little ones with our pristine Ayurvedic products for all your baby care needs. These products are infused with Ayurvedic herbs renowned for enhancing neuromotor development in a baby, and free from harsh chemicals.

Suitable For:
Available for Regular vs Sensitive Skin.
Age: 1month plus


Preserve the Purity: Our packaging, your fort. Store in a cool, dry retreat, away from direct sunlight to maintain its pristine state.

Touch with Tenderness:Cleanliness is the key to purity. Always use clean, dry hands or spoons to maintain the integrity of our product, prolonging the magic within.

Earth-Friendly Every Step of the Way

Recyclable Pouch:Each pouch can be recycled, reducing waste and respecting our Earth.
Earth-Loving Bottles and Jars: Our bottles and jars, made of compostable wheat fibre, beautifully align with our eco-vision.
Bamboo Lid: The lid, fashioned from compostable bamboo and recyclable plastic, demonstrates our commitment to reducing environmental impact.
Conscious Labels: All our labels are created from 100% recycled paper and printed with environmentally friendly inks.
Minimalistic Design: We consciously opt for no outer packaging, cutting down on waste and staying true to our eco-ethics.
Shipping Box: Our recyclable cardboard boxes uphold our commitment to sustainability.
Green Shipping Labels: Our compostable paper shipping labels, printed via thermal printer, leave no footprint behind.
Informative Brochures: We provide information about our products on 100% recycled paper using eco-friendly inks. Knowledge shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet

Our Transparency Promise

Embrace the Authenticity:Nature’s Palette: Being an embodiment of nature, the hues of our herbal powders may vary across different batches. We promise no colorants or additives sneak in to maintain color uniformity. Your product’s quality? Always at its peak.
Guided by Tradition, Not Medical Claims: Our information aims to educate based on historical context, not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.
Your Comfort, Our Priority: Always conduct a patch test before embracing our products into your routine. Should irritation occur, cease usage and seek medical advice.
Safety First:Let your eyes soak in the beauty of our products, not the product itself. In case of contact, rinse immediately with copious amounts of water and consult a healthcare professional.

Choose your Massage Oil: Regular

Sishu Paricharya: Ushering Tender Moments of Nurturing Care



Discover the magic of each ingredient with just a click.


All thanks to the Ayurvedic lifestyle and my ancestors for preserving and passing down this valuable knowledge through generations.

-Arty Raj
Founder, CEO, A Conscious Mom

Cherishing Tiny Wonders with Our Baby Care Collection

  • Lovingly created based on ancient Ayurvedic childcare wisdom.
  • Ingredients are sustainably sourced and gently processed for your little one's delicate skin.
  • Products are cruelty-free and vegan, embodying our commitment to compassionate care.
  • Free from harsh chemicals and additives, safeguarding your baby's health and wellness.
  • Women-led initiative, fostering community empowerment and support.

Your path to wellness: Questions Answered

Consistency is the Key.

For best results, we recommend using the products continuously for at least 3 months to reap long term benefits.

For best results, we highly recommend using the products as ritual kits rather than individual products.

Please check the ingredients carefully and avoid anything that your baby is allergic to.

We do not add anything extra than what is listed on our ingredient list.

If you are unsure about any ingredient, please check our ingredient date base to learn more.

We highly recommend doing to a patch test before first use. Use Ayurvedic way of Patch testing method.

Please check our Free Samples page to order a sample kits to test the products before you make the purchase of full kits.

We have created a simplified and practical routine that can be done by everyone. In case you miss the beat, do not worry. Our focus is on the long term. Creating the routine can take some time. Do not stress.

We have a flexible subscription frequency so you can choose the period suitable to your needs.

Our difference is in what we do not add to our products. We do not add SLS, Parabens, Sulphates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, colors, fragrances, Waxes, microbeads, animal ingredients.

And we do not perform any animal testing.

It is scientifically proven that the waxes can clog the pores in your baby's skin and should be avoided atleast until 10 years old.

Most of our products have a long expiry date of 2 years from the manufactured date.
We do not mass produce our products. We make them in small batches for best quality and to ensure you have enough time to use the products.

Also our product have life of 12 months after opening, provided they are stored properly. Refer to the storage tab under product description for storage conditions.

Still Have Questions? Check out or FAQ page or Contact us

Customer Reviews

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Love the smell. Its so great. I am going to try other baby products.


Wonderful product that is vegan friendly too.


very much happy to found a toxin free natural hair oil for my baby


Nice aroma and completely worth a try, Highly recommend


very happy with the baby oil. It smells so good