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Types of Prakriti (Body Constitution)

Types of Prakriti (Body Constitution)

Ayurveda says that each body type is unique. However, there are certain special characteristics that define the three main doshas. Accordingly, there are total of seven types of Prakriti –

  • Vata Dominant
  • Pitta Dominant
  • Kapha Dominant
  • Vata-Pitta Dominant
  • Vata-Kapha Dominant
  • Pitta-Kapha Dominant
  • Vata-Pitta-Kapha Dominant

However, the three main Prakriti types cover most of the characteristics of the other Prakriti. Ayurveda says that the mind and the body both are influenced by the dosha type. Therefore, there are two dimensions of the constitution or Prakriti - the body type and the mind type.

The Vata Constitution

The Vata Body Type

The Vata body type is well-known for its physical immaturity. Normally, their chests are flat, with visible veins and muscle tendons. Their skin is dry, rough, and cracked, and their complexion ranges from brown to wheatish.

They can be somewhat too slim or overly tall and are typically quite slender. Their big joints and bones are frequently visible because of inadequate muscular growth. Their hair is typically curled and scanty, as are their lashes.

Typically, their eyes are sunken, their hands and feet are cold, their nails are hard and brittle, and their nose is crooked and turned up. They may suffer from a sleep problem, resulting in less sleep than the other two body types.

The Vata Mind

Psychologically, Vata individuals have a short-term memory but a rapid mental processing speed, which enables them to acquire information fast and smoothly. They have a tendency for swiftly grasping concepts, but they also have a proclivity for fast forgetting them.

At times, Vata individuals are incredibly creative, impetuous, and possess an extraordinary imagination. They are frequently vivacious and artistic in nature. They may, however, lack determination and are typically fearful, nervous, and easily upset.

The Pitta Constitution

The Pitta Body Type

The pitta body type is defined by a delicate and slender build and an average height. Their muscle growth is moderate, and they typically have a fair or reddish complexion. They have silky, but thinner, hair that is prone to early greying. Typically, their eyes are green, grey, or copper-brown in color and have a moderate prominence.

Pitta individuals have a rapid metabolism and excellent digestion, which results in an insatiable desire. They have an innate preference for both sweet and bitter items and can consume large quantities of food and beverages.

The Pitta Mind

Pitta body types have a sharp mind and exceptional ability to concentrate. They are characterized by a proclivity for quickly assessing conditions and reacting with dexterity. They are regarded as effective orators with strong management and leadership qualities. They are competitive by nature and enjoy a challenge.

Pitta individuals are also typically intelligent, and their emotions of joy, willpower, courage, rage, jealousy, and mental perception are dominant.

The Kapha Constitution

The Kapha Body Type

While Kapha individuals have well-developed bodies, they also tend to be overweight. Their chests are expanded and broad due to a thick covering of skin and healthy muscle growth, and their veins and tendons are hidden. They are often fair-skinned with oily, shiny skin. Their hair is typically thick, dark, and wavy, and their eyes are typically dark and large with a black or blue tint.

They have a normal appetite, but due to their delayed digestion, they typically consume less food. Recognize ways to improve your digestion. They are brimming with vitality and are frequently joyful, healthy, and serene.

The Kapha Mind

Individuals with a kappa mentality are typically calm and do not easily become irritable. They are calm and forgiving and believe in maintaining peace in their environment. However, they exhibit traits of avarice, attachment, envy, and possessiveness. Though they have a slow rate of comprehension, once they grasp something, it sticks with them for an extended period.

In nature, Kapha individuals are typically compassionate, easy-going, mellow, and sluggish. They exude grace and are empathetic and non-judgmental. They are not easily angered, and by nature, they are possessive, clinging to objects and people for extended periods of time. They are typically skilled with money and own a considerable amount of wealth.

Do you know your dosha?

In Ayurveda, each of us has a unique mind-body type, known as a dosha. Think of a dosha as your individual blueprint that describes your unique personality, tendencies, and physical nature. Understanding your dosha reveals how to keep yourself in balance to stay happy, healthy and disease free.

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