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Why Caffeine free drinks are healthier?

Why Caffeine free drinks are healthier?

Caffeine found normally in coffee has several adverse effects on the body. Some of the significant ones are - 

  1. Abnormal increase in heartrate 
  2. High blood pressure 
  3. Nausea, and vomiting
  4. Acidity and other digestive disorders
  5. Anxiety and insomnia 

There are many more disorders that come along with coffee. So, it makes sense to switch to other natural options to coffee. And there are some delicious options that give you side benefits instead of side effects. 

Ayurvedic alternatives for Caffeine free latte blends 

Red Magic Latte Blend 

Red Magic latte blend is an excellent Ayurvedic mixture for the body's general immunity. It consists of numerous herbs, including Hibiscus Petal Powder, Mint leaves, PepperCorn, Ginger Powder, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Clove. 

  • Hibiscus present in the blend helps to detoxify the body. It also helps to balance the pitta dosha. 
  • Mint leaves help to balance the vata and kapha dosha.
  • The influence of mint, peppercorn, ginger, and clove on balancing kapha helps prevent congestion and heaviness in the body. 
  • This combination also has a significant vata-balancing impact that aids in pain relief. 
  • Overall, it is an outstanding immune-boosting and stimulating mix. 
  • Also, this blend is suitable for all body types. 

Black Magic Latte blend 

It is a unique blend that helps to deep cleanse and detoxify your body daily. This delicious combination contains the goodness of Food grade Coconut Charcoal Powder, Pepper Corn, Ginger Powder, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Clove. 

  • The coconut charcoal powder helps to traps and eliminate the toxins inside the body. 
  • The powerful combination of pepper corn, ginger powder and clove helps to strengthen the digestion. 
  • The strong liver purifying effect of cinnamon and cardamom helps to purify the liver and  blood, thereby ensuring enhanced nutrition throughout the body. 
  • This combination is one of the best choices for all kinds of skin disorders. 

Ashwagandha Latte Blend 

If you want to increase your energy and revive yourself, Ayurvedic Ashwagandha Latte Blend is a must try. This combination helps to bring out the best of rejuvenation ability of Ashwagandha.

  • As a rasayana, ashwagandha boosts your body's energy and slows down aging in general. Additionally, it supports increased vitality levels.
  • This tasty mixture helps to boosts your overall immunity. It has the antibacterial characteristics of peppercorn, digestive advantages of ginger and clove, and blood purifying properties of cinnamon.
  • This combination is effective in balancing the three doshas in all seasons, with especial benefits in the winters. 

Turmeric Latte Blend (Ayurvedic Golden Drink)

With the remarkable immunity-boosting properties of turmeric, pepper corn, ginger powder, cinnamon, cardamom, and clove, Turmeric Latte Blend is a healing delicacy. 

  • When it comes to antibacterial properties, turmeric is the best herb. In addition, this combination combines the natural antioxidant and anti aging effects of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and other foods. 
  • Natural tissue healing is made possible by this blend's outstanding antibacterial and revitalizing properties. 
  • This is a must try latte blend for allergies, or any chronic disorder. 
  • It also promotes digestion and helps to normalize all metabolic processes.

Spicy Ginger Latte Blend

The amazing medicinal benefits of peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and ginger powder are combined in the spicy ginger latte blend. 

  • This is the must-have combination to prevent and cure frequent coughs, colds, or congestion. 
  • This mixture helps to reduce pain and stiffness in the body by effectively balancing vata. Therefore, if you suffer from gas formation, stomach ache or bloating, this is the blend for you. 
  • The combination's gingery warmth and excellent digestive boosting ability of cumin and peppercorn come together to fire your digestion.
  • This blend works wonders especially for people with vata or kapha dominant digestive system.
  • After a meal, especially a dinner or late-night meal, a cup of Spicy Ginger Latte Blend might help to alleviate feelings of heaviness, bloating, or indigestion.

Chai Latte Blend

Cinnamon, ginger powder, cloves, cardamom, and vanilla make up the special Ayurvedic blend known as Chai Latte Blend. This blend brings a balance in all three doshas.

  • Chai latte blend is great for improving focus and alertness. Therefore, a cup of Chai Latte Blend is the perfect partner for exam preparations, night-outs or long hours of work! 
  • It's a fantastic beverage to have after a meal. The strong digestive properties of ginger, clove, and cardamom ensure excellent digestion. 
  • Ginger and clove present in Chai latte eliminates heaviness, bloating and post-meal drowsiness. 
  • Cinnamon and cardamom's blood-purifying properties help to boost oxygen delivery to the tissues and promotes enhanced energy levels. 
  • Additionally, the relaxing scent of vanilla promotes mental relaxation.

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