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Ayurvedic Oral Hygiene Regime

Ayurvedic Oral Hygiene Regime

Ayurveda offers an extensive oral hygiene routine that not only strengthens oral immunity but also prevents almost all oral disorders, right from dental cavities to mouth ulcers. Here are the top 5 Ayurvedic Dental Care Tips for great oral hygiene:

1. Chew a twig of neem

Antimicrobial properties are found in neem. When you chew it, antibacterial agents are released, which mix with saliva. This destroys harmful microorganisms in the mouth and prevents bacteria from accumulating on the teeth.

How to do it?

Pick a twig with an approximate thickness of your little finger. Gently remove its skin. Chew on one corner to produce a brush.

Keep spit the saliva into the basin in short intervals. Brush it all over your teeth and gums. Spit out the twig fibers stuck between your teeth once you're finished.

2. Tooth and gum massage with herbs

An herbal tooth and gum massage is another excellent Ayurvedic oral hygiene practice. Rubbing herbs and spices on the teeth and gums helps to clean enamel and enhance blood circulation in the gums. It prevents and helps to treat all types of dental problems.

How to do it?

Garlic, rock salt, guava, and mango leaves are great herbs for cleaning enamel and gums. You can grind and rub a powder made of these herbs. You can also rub your teeth and gums with a mixture of oil and salt. Gums are strengthened by this activity.

Sesame oil, olive oil, or mustard oil are ideal for this activity.

3. Tongue Scraping

Bacteria and poisons build up on the tongue, contributing to bad breath. Regular tongue scraping removes toxins from the tongue, which promotes fresh breath, improves taste, and improves digestive and oral health.

How to do it?

Gently clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. Avoid pulling the tongue scraper, too fast, forcefully, or too lightly.

4. Mouthwash with herbs

A mouth rinse made from Triphala or Yashtimadhu is quite effective. In addition to preserving oral cleanliness, this practice aids in the treatment of mouth ulcers.

How to do it?

Boil Triphala or Yashtimadhu in water until it is reduced to half its original volume. Allow for cooling. Rinse with lukewarm water.

5. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling (kaval) is the act of swishing oil around in one's mouth. This oral cleaning techniques have a great anti-microbial impact. It aids in the treatment of mouth ulcers. It also strengthens and tones the muscles around the mouth.

Another method Gandush is lengthy and generally used once a week or in case of oral problems. In Gandush, you have to keep your mouth filled with herbal decoction or oil for a longer duration.

How to do it?

Use coconut or sesame oil. Swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes and then spit it out.


The above information was written by Dr. Kanika Verma for the exclusive use of Mum's Mill. The information is protected by copyright and may not be reprinted without the written permission of Dr. Kanika Verma and Mum's Mill