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Real Stories, Real Results: When Life Tested Us, Ayurveda showed us the light!

Diagnosis with Diabetes at 28: Lifelong Medications? We Chose Another Way.

At 28, doctors diagnosed my husband with diabetes and prescribed a lifetime of pills. But I couldn't accept that. We looked for alternatives. Modern 'healthy' diets failed us repeatedly. Yet, with Ayurveda, we found hope. 

He didn't quit meat, coffee, sugar or anything else. Instead, we saw food as medicine and everything shifted. In just three months, his sugar levels normalized.

In disbelief, the doctor retested not once, but multiple times only to find the same incredible results: his sugar levels were consistently normal.

The magic wasn't in restrictions. We learned it's not about giving things up, but about understanding and respecting our body’s unique rhythms.

Nature over chemicals, balance over restriction.
Ready to embrace the Ayurvedic approach to wellness? Join us on this journey. 🌿


When my son was merely 2, he was diagnosed as asthmatic. The world around me echoed with the frightening words: “He needs to be on puffers for life." Every time I looked at that inhaler, my heart ached. How could my tiny boy be tied to this device?

But a mother's instinct is powerful. I wasn't ready to to chain him to that inhaler without trying everything possible. Despite the immense fear, I turned to the simple wisdom of Ayurveda's preventative approach. Our focus shifted from just battling the asthma attacks, we got to the root. We started cutting out what was triggering his flare-ups and pumped up his body's natural defences.

As months and years went by, while his friends, often fell ill with common colds and ailments, my son was always the one bursting with energy and joy, untouched by the usual childhood illnesses.

His once vulnerable immune system became his super shield, protecting him from the usual bugs and sniffles kids face.

Fast forward to today, he's 13 (Feb 2023) and hasn't ever had a flu vaccine. Proof that trusting nature, making the right changes, and a mother's determination can redefine health forever. 🌿

Imagine a world where medicine bottles gather dust on shelves, and the symphony of nature ensures there's no illness to begin with;

A world where we remember and embrace nature's rhythm, recognizing that everything we need for a flourishing life has always been cradled in the embrace of the very earth beneath our feet...

In our chase for modern conveniences, we seem to have lost touch with life's simple, meaningful melodies. Look around, and the evidence is everywhere: eyes bleary from ceaseless screen time, bodies burdened by unnatural foods, and minds constantly racing, trying to keep up. It's more than just physical fatigue; it's a deeper disconnect, a longing. We're not just yearning for health, but for a sense of belonging—to return to the embrace of nature that once felt so familiar, so comforting. Our heart knows, even if our mind has forgotten.

We've reached monumental heights, yet wellness evades us. Our world is riddled with ailments, both of the body and mind. But why? Why, when we've achieved so much, does a simple, healthy existence seem unattainable?

Sometimes, the simplest truths are overlooked in the race to the top. We’ve built skyscrapers, traveled to space, and unlocked the secrets of the digital world. But in this journey, we’ve missed the foundational lessons of wellbeing. It’s time to pause, breathe, and listen to the earth’s timeless teachings.

Nature's Whisper:

The answer isn't in a pill or a procedure; it's in the gentle rustle of leaves, the ebb and flow of tides, and the richness of the soil. It's nature, calling us back, urging us to remember where we came from.

Our Founder

Mum's Mill - Founder - Arty Raj


Our founder Arty is a young mum who strongly believe & practise natural living for over a decade in Australia. Migrated from a culture rich Indian sub-continent, she carried all the values of natural living from her family roots to Australia. She is passionate about toxic free living & conducted deep studies & analysis on the food we eat & the products we apply as a family and in home. Shocked by her findings, decided to start the change from within herself & her family she has been practising natural living making manageable changes to food & lifestyle and in the process uncovered the key to unlock benefits from mother nature.

Not just relying on her ancient values derived from her family roots, Arty took it to the next step to educate herself formally to fit the modern age demands, she is graduated in Ayurvedic Cosmetology & Diploma in natural Skin care and hair Care Formulation. Hence bringing the best of both breeds: a) Ancient values b) Modern demands & availability.

Started making her own products for natural eating & lifestyle, with enormous dedication and passion trailing various formulation discovered number of carefully tailored product that has significantly grown to nourish every member of her family which was easy to consume, use & lead a healthy life as a family. She is proud to say her family including her 2 beautiful young kids has not visited a GP in the last decade/required an assistance even from a very basic commercial drug paracetamol.

Keen not to make the richness of her discovery to end within her family boundary, Arty founded Mum’s Mill & Naturz brands to share with others all the benefits, unlock the path to natural & healthy living in a simple, affordable and viable pathway.


All thanks to the Ayurvedic lifestyle and my ancestors for preserving and passing down this valuable knowledge through generations.

-Arty Raj
Founder, CEO, A Conscious Mom