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Our Founder

Mum's Mill - Founder - Arty Raj

Our founder Arty is a young mum who strongly believe & practise natural living for over a decade in Australia. Migrated from a culture rich Indian sub-continent, she carried all the values of natural living from her family roots to Australia. She is passionate about toxic free living & conducted deep studies & analysis on the food we eat & the products we apply as a family and in home. Shocked by her findings, decided to start the change from within herself & her family she has been practising natural living making manageable changes to food & lifestyle and in the process uncovered the key to unlock benefits from mother nature.

Not just relying on her ancient values derived from her family roots, Arty took it to the next step to educate herself formally to fit the modern age demands, she is graduated in Ayurvedic Cosmetology & Diploma in natural Skin care and hair Care Formulation. Hence bringing the best of both breeds: a) Ancient values b) Modern demands & availability.

Started making her own products for natural eating & lifestyle, with enormous dedication and passion trailing various formulation discovered number of carefully tailored product that has significantly grown to nourish every member of her family which was easy to consume, use & lead a healthy life as a family. She is proud to say her family including her 2 beautiful young kids has not visited a GP in the last decade/required an assistance even from a very basic commercial drug paracetamol.

Keen not to make the richness of her discovery to end within her family boundary, Arty founded Mum’s Mill & Naturz brands to share with others all the benefits, unlock the path to natural & healthy living in a simple, affordable and viable pathway.