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Message from our Founder

Mum's Mill Founder - Arty Raj

Dear Readers, Wish you all a Happy new year 2022! I hope you, your family and all of your loved ones are safe and sound and enjoyed the festive break with your loved ones.  I am excited to meet you all through this newsletter & share my message with you.

I am an advocate of toxin free living, and strongly believe & practise natural living for over a decade in Australia. I have conducted deep studies & analysis on the food we eat & the products we apply as a family and in home. Shocked by my findings, decided to start the change from within myself & my family practising natural living making manageable changes to food & lifestyle and in the process uncovered the key to unlock benefits from our mother nature.

Keen not to make the richness of my discovery end within my family boundary, I founded Mum’s Mill® & Naturz brands to share with others all the benefits, unlock the path to natural & healthy living in a simple, affordable and viable pathway.

Mum’s Mill is a family owned Australian local manufacturing business and all the products are hand crafted and includes only natural plant based ingredients sourced from carefully selected high quality local & overseas suppliers. My products are far from other similar ones in the market, and stand out as the food products are manufactured from ground up locally in Australia, freshly milled & packed in small batches to serve you with the best quality.

In this new year, I recommend you shift your focus to natural living and pay attention to the food you eat & the products you apply on your body. In this global pandemic situation we are in, the less toxins in the products we consume internally or externally the more we have improved our health & well being to stay stronger.

I am glad to announce that at Mum’s Mill we have great plans to introduce amazing natural products to help with your food & skincare needs.  I am fully committed up to focus on improving our process to provide great service and address the feedback we have received from you. If you haven’t provided feedback, please feel free to contact us. I am grateful for your support in 2021 and looking forward for your continued support in this new year.

Stay Safe! Happy Natural Living!