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Pitta consists of Fire and Water

 Pitta’s qualities are

 Hot, little moist, light, sharp, leading to strong appetite, burning digestion, frequent or loose stools, oily and red skin, intensity, anger, and resentment.

According to your primary dosha, it is essential to balance the following qualities through food and lifestyle.

Pittas are hot by nature, so they need cooling foods. Pittas are oily by nature, so they need drying foods. Finally, Pittas are light by nature, so they need grounding and stabilizing foods.

The Best Diet for Your Dosha
The best tastes for Pitta are Sweet, Bitter, and Astringent.

Foods to Enjoy

 Leafy vegetables, rice, quinoa, amaranth, milk, ghee, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, cold soups, no hot spices, fruits, sprouts, mint, and healthy oils. 

The Best Lifestyle for Your Dosha

3 meals per day with no snacking in between. Last meal 3 hours before bed

Sleep by 10pm and wake up 30 minutes before Sunrise

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The most important factor in a Ayurvedic lifestyle is the Dinacharya.

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